35 Unusual Lamps and Creative Lighting Designs

by Scott on February 19, 2011 · 55 comments

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creative lamp design

Lamps and lighting are a realm in which creative product designers can really show their stuff–and have a little fun while they’re at it. Creative and unusual lamp designs are everywhere these days. Here are some of our favorites. Our showcase includes lamps designed to resemble everything from wrecking balls to soap bubbles, and that’s just the beginning. How about a lamp with a sex toy hidden in plain site as part of the design? Keep reading. The list veers back and forth between the odd and the elegant, with a few innovative concepts for sustainable lighting design thrown in for good measure.

Ropes Lamps

One of a series of unique, numbered soft rope lamps by designer Christian Haas.
Ropes unique lamp designvia Modern Design Chair

Unsteady Lamp by Igor Pinigin

A lightweight body and weighted base allow the lamp to be tilted at odd angles.
Unsteady lamp designvia Orinto

Cloned Eyeballs Lamp

5.5 Designers will create a unique hand-blown glass lamp, custom-made to match your own eyes.
Cloned eyeballs lamp designvia inventorspot

Torn Lights by Billy May

The wall-mounted fixtures muddle the barrier between the room and its contents.
via Coroflot

Shining Bubbles Lamp by Wang Qiubo

Shining Bubbles lamp designvia Yanko Design

E.T.A. Baby Table Lamp

Handmade light diffuser in ecological fiberglass, by designer Guglielmo Berchicci
E.T.A. Baby table lampvia KUNDALINI

Mirage Fluorescent Table Lamp by De-Signum

Lacquered metal structure with holographic effect on the front diffuser and opal diffuser on the back.
Mirage lampvia KUNDALINI

Atomiom Lamp by Hopf & Wortmann

Creative floor lamp that also comes in an outdoor version.
Creative Atomium lampAtomium lamp outdoor versionvia KUNDALINI

Dahlia Wall Lamp

Gorgeous lamp made with 3D Printing technology, from Freedom of Creation.

Dahlia lamp made with 3D printing

via Freedom of Creation

Riot Table Lamp

Another unusual digital 3D printing lamp design.
Riot table lamp from Freedom of Creationvia Freedom of Creation

Hand-blown Light Bulbs

Amazing hand-blown glass lightbulbs by Pieke Bergmans.
Creative light bulbs via dezeen

Squeezable Light Bubbles

For anyone who has ever wanted to give their light bulbs a gentle squeeze.
squeezable light bubblesvia Yanko Design

Tron Ring Lamp

Tron ring designer lampvia Yanko Design

Screw-in Wall/Ceiling Lamp

Nothing if not versatile….
screw-in lamp designvia Yanko Design

Drawer Lamp by Life Goods

The wood veneer form has adjustable legs. Dimmer control on the lamp increases in intensity as the drawer is opened.
Creative lighting: drawer lampvia Yanko Design

XXXL(amp) by Eden Design

In case you ever need a walk-in lamp. It’s really really big. Bow when entering.
Room-filling XXXL Lampvia Eden Design

Plants of Light by Maximillian Winkel

Requiring little care, these flowers bloom every evening, powered by cell batteries and controlled by a photosensor.
Plants of Lightvia Yanko Design

Nissyoku Magnetic Lamp by igendesign

Two illuminating panels swing in any direction through concave regions in the spherical  lamp’s northern and southern hemispheres, held on by magnets alone.
Nissyoku magnetic lampvia Yanko Design

Flow Bamboo Turbine Lighting by igendesign

Self maintaining public lighting which operates on the principle of vertical wind turbine.
Innovative lighting design Flow bamboo lightsvia Coroflot and igendesign

Folding Lamp by Thomas Hick

A single pre-scored 0.8mm sheet of stainless steel can be folded into multiple configurations.
Folding lamp designvia Yanko Design

Mandala Rashid

Hand-decorated wall and ceiling lamp with curved plated glass diffuser and chrome-plated metal frame, by designer Karim Rashid
Mandala rashid lampvia KUNDALINI

Crystal LED Table Lamp by QisDesign

Creative lamp design: crystal LED table lampvia QisDesign

CANdle Paint Can Lamp by Twenty5ive

CANdle paintcan lamp designvia twenty5ive

Duesphere Lamp

Duesphere lampsvia Yanko Design

Abyss Table Lamp

Injection-moulded polycarbonite modular structure with high-voltage LED strip.
Creative Lighting Design: Abyss table lampvia KUNDALINI

Pouring Light Lamp

Elegant pouring light design by Yeongwoo Kim
Elegant pouring light lampvia YeongwooKim

A Moment by Park Woo Sung

A bird. A pebble. Tranquil light.
Decorative lighting design by Park Woo Sungvia ParkWooSung

Recycled Daylight by Onø Design

Turn the solar-charged LED lamp upside-down during the day to charge, then turn it right-side-up at night for illumination.
Recycled Daylight Lighting--DayRecycled Daylight Lighting--Nightvia Onø Design and Yanko Design

Light Sommelier Glass and Bottle Lamp by Seungyoub Oh

As the bottle pours into the glass, it lights up. Pour gently. Pour the light back out when you are ready for darkness.
Light Sommelier Glass and Bottle Lampvia Yanko Design

Soap Light by LUCA 12:00 Design Studio

Let the soap charge in its dish, then take it wherever you want. Rub the soap to brighten.
Creative Soap Lightvia LUCA 12:00

Dandelion Lights by Qin Xue, Cao iXiaoxiao & Wei Hangshuai

Shake to it to turn it on; blow on it (like a dandelion) to turn it off.
Dandelion lights designvia Yanko Design

Tree and Root Lamp

Rotated to the down position, it’s a dark and lifeless tree stump with only the roots remaining. Swing it up and the tree comes glowingly to life.
Tree and Root lamp designvia Yanko Design

Wrecking Ball Lamp

An intricate construction theme lamp design in cast bronze by Studio Job.
Wrecking Ball lampvia  Design Boom

Fungi Lamps by Andreas Kowalewski

Amsterdam designer Andreas Kowalewski has created a series of lamps shaped like mushrooms.
Mushroom fungi lampsvia dezeen

Love the Bird lamp by Marc Dibeh

“Love” because the bird is actually… a vibrator hidden inside the lamp!
Love the Bird lampBird lamp hidden toyvia dezeen

Nautical Buoy Lamps by Postler Ferguson

Nautical buoy lamp designvia dezeen

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